So Who Are The Braai Brothers?

So what really is the Braai Brothers? With a passion for Wanderlust two brothers have come together to explore the world and give you the opportunity to see it first hand in the eyes of Tez and Ryan Ferguson.

Both with unique characteristics to make it a fun journey they keep an open view on the world and continue to explore on a daily basis. Whether it be causing mischief on a night out around a camp fire or cooking up a storm in the kitchen they have the ability to make fun of any situation.

What Is A Braai?

Braai is love. Braai is life.

Unfortunately a Braai cannot be explained by mere words. So if this is a genuine question, you’ll have to follow our blog, hunt us down and then we’ll make you experience a true Braai. Only then will you understand what should be crowned the top wonder of the world.

With that being said, we both share this same passion in life and wish to share this with you.

Braai Brothers was developed to do just that… A passion of two brothers as they travel the world offering you the true Braai experience.

Be sure to check out our travel blog for more information of our antics and our adventures across the globe off the beaten track.

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Ryan Ferguson

With a passion for adventuring into & exploring the unknown, Ryan has a love of getting lost with nothing but good people, coffee and rum.

Braai Brothers

Key Facts:

  • Likes – Travel, Entrepreneurship, Variety, Sports, Filmmaking, People
  • Dislikes – Xenophobia
  • Favourite Countries – South Africa & Montenegro
  • Number One Bucket List – Be Knighted
  • Well Known Fact – Impartial to living in a palace or a van.

Pics Of Ryan:

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Tez Ferguson

Known in the blogging world as South African Monkey, Tez Ferguson has explored parts of Europe where many haven’t. With a passion for photography his main aim in life is to help everyone visualise the location as if they were there with him.

Key Facts:

  • Likes – Rum, Coffee, Travel, Photography, Action Sports
  • Dislikes – Maths, Lazy people, Procrastination
  • Favourite Country – South Africa, Amsterdam
  • Number One Bucket List – Own or be part of a coffee plantation
  • Well Known Fact – Has a passion for good Coffee

Pics Of Tez:

Tez Ferguson

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