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Truths About Productivity

I do not need to spell it out for you as most of these points come naturally once you have the right mindset.

That is the mindset of a champion who is ready to achieve his/her goals.

With the New Year amongst us… What better way than to learn the 10 home truths about Productivity.

1 – Your Actions Are What Matters Not Your Thoughts

It is easy enough for us to think about what we want to achieve, but actually getting out and doing it is a whole new matter.

Many times I thought about reading a book, visiting a location or even exercising.

This was shortly lived as when it meant doing it I didn’t.

So take that first step today and prepare yourself for action.

Productivity Hacks2 – The First Step Is The Hardest

Like anything in life, you want but don’t want the hassle of achieving. You begin to tell yourself you can’t do it.

Running is a prime example of this. Having an attitude that you cant is really difficult.

However once you take that first step you are on the road to success, you just need to make a habit of it.

The same applies for getting up in the morning, like I mention in a previous article, do not snooze your alarm clock. You are admitting defeat.

3 – You Cannot Take Over The World In One Sitting

A problem I have always had was getting so caught up in the moment that I wanted to achieve everything in one day.

A gym is a prime example of this. You write out a keen workout routine, ready to pump iron and Bam! It strikes. You hit your peak and give up and then think I cant even complete my routine so I wont bother.

Instant failure from your brains perspective! Learn that we must take one step at a time.

4 – Distraction Is Your Worst Enemy

With modern society, mobile phones, and social media there is no easier way to get distracted.

A phone notification noise is similar to that of your morning alarm. Yes you can snooze it but you must jump up to see what it is about.

The same applies for when you are focusing on a task. All it takes is something in the environment and boom you are off on a tangent.

If you are writing, use a tool like Focus Writer to get away from all things around you.

Productivity Hacks

Productivity Hacks

5 – There Is No Ideal Time

There is no better time than now, however that being said this is determined by your mindset.

Many people sit back and contemplate that it is too late to start something. That they should have done it years ago etc.

Well this is wrong!

There is no better time than now.

If you feel your mindset is not ready to achieve a particular task, use affirmations, and other aspects of your checklist to build up the energy you need to tick the big tasks off.

6 – Often Less Is More

Similar to taking on the world, we must learn we cannot conquer all tasks in one swoop.

Learn to minimalize your requirements.

Often this can be by removing distractions so more focus can be put into the task at hand.

Productivity Hacks

Productivity Hacks

7 – Checklists Matter

These are mentioned a hell of a lot due to their importance in my life.

I swear by them on a daily basis. Setting out takes each evening for the following day allows me to rise in the morning and get on with the tasks at hand.

As each task is complete I tick it off, boosting my dopamine.

It also helps me focus on the bigger tasks as I build up to it.

8 – Small Wins Work Out Best

The way our brain is wired is that we love challenges and the sense of achievement once they have been done.

Set out small jobs that allow for small wins to build us up to the bigger tasks.

This not only boosts productivity but fills us with the dopamine we need.

A simple task like making your bed in the morning is the ideal way to start your day.

Productivity Hacks

Productivity Hacks

9 – Saying No Is Worth It

Living as a Yes man is tough. It physically hurts to say no to someone so you constantly say yes with the aim to please everyone.

Whether it is additional tasks to your routine or whatever it is, it all takes time.

Learn to say no at times when you know you have not got the time and energy to do it.

It will give you more time to do your jobs properly.

10 – Breakfast Still Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day

You will have heard your parents moan about this one, and truthfully it does still apply.

I was one of those kids that hated breakfast and always skipped it.

Leading me to feel hungry and pick later on during the day it wasn’t ideal.

Hence the importance, it helps wake you up, fill you with the right nutrients and gives you that boost you need in the morning.

Check out Tim Ferris for more on his Protein arrangement for breakfast, it could even help you lose weight.

Productivity Hacks

Productivity Hacks


So all in all these are 10 truths that will help you master your productivity. Naturally there are plenty of tips out there but these are some truths I learnt whilst trying to set a routine in my life.

Whether it is fitness, health, work, home life or whatever these truths really do apply.

So be strong and accept no one is perfect, and lets get moving today.

Tez Ferguson

Author Tez Ferguson

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