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27 Years Of Advice – And How Its Worked Out For Me

With 27 years under my belt, time will continue to pass by so I offer you 27 years of advice in this short extract from my life experiences.

What Truly Is Life?

There is never a right way to guide someone through life, and no matter how much you care and try to educate them they will not listen. I was, and am a prime example of that “someone”.

Here is a short timeline of my life and what I have picked up along the way, yes its silly yes its pointless but if you really sit back and think about the things you have learnt and come away with something fulfilling you can thank me later.

My Timeline

Age 1 – Walking is a piece of cake with bumps and knocks along the way

Age 2 – Following mother around gives you a great perspective on life

Age 3 – Throwing tantrums won’t get you anyway, get back up on your feet and take it like a man

Age 4 – Eat what your mother tells you, it’ll put hairs on your chest

Age 5 – Competing with friends and their toys isn’t going to make you happier no matter how shiny Thomas the Tank Engine is.

Age 6 – Leaving your mother for school isn’t fun but it’ll help you become less socially awkward

Age 7 – Life is not about jealousy, my brother is born, learn to love

Age 8 – Why hello there Sky TV, you will be the one thing that ruins my life

Age 9 – Climbing Trees and making forts will help your creative mind blossom

Age 10 – Long distance phone calls to family are boring, but try and think how you’ll appreciate it later on in life.

Age 11 – Learn to love yourself before you can love others.

Age 12 – Your parents getting you a tutor isn’t to make you suffer but better your life.

Age 13 – Being a teenager isn’t as fun as you may think

Age 14 – BB Guns hurt and so do your feelings

Age 15 – Game consoles aren’t going to grow your social skills, fresh air will help.

Age 16 – Smoking kills, don’t start a habit unless its going to benefit you in life

Age 17 – Learning something new will help boost your confidence

Age 18 – Passing your driving test is the end of an era of exercise

Age 19 – There is more to life than a bottle of Jack Daniels, or any alcohol for that matter

Age 20 – Write down five ideas a day, one day it’ll help make you big

Age 21 – Live abroad for a while to make you appreciate your comfort zone

Age 22 – Coming back home is never as simple as people may think

Age 23 – Don’t take your life and its health for granted it will bite you in the ass… Literally

Age 24 – Alcohol makes you do silly things… After waking up with a broken wrist thinking I knew better

Age 25 – Don’t move out, its the beginning of adulthood and doing things yourself

Age 26 – Travel more, there is plenty of the world to help open your mind

Age 27 – Life is about friendship and the people that matter, not poor work ethics.

Age 28 – Yet to come, here is to an exciting future…

Tez Ferguson

Tez Ferguson

To Conclude

As you can see every part of my life from the moment I was born, with the help of many others along the way I have developed into what I am today, I thank plenty of people for this. It is amazing how 27 years of life can bring back such fantastic memories.

Give it a go yourself, you will be majorly surprised what you can learn from your past. Go on… Give it a go!

Tez Ferguson

Author Tez Ferguson

Founder of Xploited Media, Tez Ferguson is a Digital Marketing Lead Generator who can deliver creative, engaging solutions for all types of business models

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