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Jeffrey’s Bay

Our adventure took us to Jeffrey’s Bay to enjoy the sunshine, sea and beautiful laid back approach to life that it had to offer.

When we mentioned we were going to Jeffrey’s Bay the questions constantly arose… Why do you want to go there?

Well we did!

The Drive

The drive from Plett was a smooth one and only took a few hours.

It was a windy day which added to the journey cooling the car down just enough to keep us all comfortable.

On arrival to Jeffrey’s Bay we began to realise why people questioned us. It seemed like a small little town.

Arriving In Jeffrey's Bay

Arriving In Jeffrey’s Bay

A Surfing Village

Although the area itself has grown, years ago we were told it was the place to be if you wanted to surf.

Known as a Surfing Village Jeffrey’s Bay offered a variety of activities but the one that stood out the most was of course the surfing.

The Beach

The beach itself was beautiful. Clear fresh water and the sand was soft.

The only problem we did have was the wind. It was on form for our whole trip. Blowing the sand at us, at certain intervals it even began to sting.

We managed to find cover though!

Arriving In Jeffrey's Bay

Arriving In Jeffrey’s Bay


Next came the surfing, more on this later but in the mean time just so you guys know we could visit a well known Surfing Village without testing the water.

To Conclude

To conclude the stay was only a short one, for a couple of nights but that is all we needed to see the beauty that Jeffrey’s Bay has to offer.

Often neglected as a place known for little to do other than surf, people need to realise there is more to this beautiful quaint little town.

Arriving In Jeffrey's Bay

Arriving In Jeffrey’s Bay

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