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Back In Plett – Time To Relax!

After a week of exploring we return yet again to our home in Plettenberg Bay.

An area that will take months to explore, and pictures alone cannot capture the beauty!

Addo National Park

Addo National Park

A Theme Going On Here

As you may see we have been here there and everywhere for the past few months, this however has begun to steady as we enjoy some relaxation time in Plettenberg Bay.

Expect more about this true beauty in the upcoming weeks.

The Past Week

In the past week, we have explored the beaches, and surfed the shores of Jeffrey’s Bay.

Shortly followed by a trip Addo National Elephant to live the Safari life in true stereotypical South African style.

As the time comes to an end we get settled back in Plett for our next big adventures.

Addo National Park

Addo National Park

Plans For The Upcoming Weeks

With hikes high on the agenda, expect plenty more of these with tails of our adventure and mishaps along the way.

Plettenberg Bay alone is truly a magnificent place with plenty of offer. You could stay here for a year and still not get to explore the whole area.

Next Stop

As discussed we plan to settle for the next few weeks, but who knows what the future holds. We have meetings to organise in Cape Town, websites to create and plenty more…

Watch this space.

Surfing In Jeffrey's Bay

Surfing In Jeffrey’s Bay


The next big task we have set ourselves is to explore Monkeyland, Jukani, and the Birds of Eden.

This is something we have done time and time again on our trips to Knysna, however this time it is all alone that we plan to  explore rather than with family.

More on these magnificent places soon. In fact I seem to recall my old blog is still on Monkeylands website… Thanks guys!

To Conclude

A lot of exciting times ahead, for us and Plettenberg Bay. At the heart of the Garden Route, we have plenty to look forward to and plenty to share with you guys.

Our videos are progressing as are our social media pages. We thank you all for the support.

Kitchen Windows Beach Resort

Kitchen Windows Beach Resort

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