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Harrie’s Pancakes

Whenever you tell anyone you are visiting Graskop, the first thing they mention is Harrie’s Pancakes.

This alone paints a picture for how amazing they are!


Sadly we have yet to explore the full area of Graskop but the town alone is friendly and offers a lot of places to eat and activities all near by.

For us though Harrie’s is king, as it comes recommended by all the locals as well as by people on their travels.

Harrie's Pancakes Graskop

Harrie’s Pancakes Graskop


Situated on the Panorama Route of the Mpumalanga Province, it is shortly visible after the Bourke’s Luck Potholes turning.

It isn’t a long distance away, and even if you are passing near by it is worth a visit to see this quaint little town.

What To Eat

Naturally when you mention Pancakes, people think of sweet toppings such as chocolate and ice cream, but boy are you wrong.

Harrie’s offers a full list of sweet and also savoury toppings to choose from.

For us their sweet Pancakes were not as amazing as their Savoury, but we believe that was down to personal preference.

If this is the case with you guys, we highly recommend the Bobotie and Chutney filling… This is to die for!

What To Drink

Drink wise, you cannot go wrong with a coffee and your pancake, however if you are going savoury and fancy some sweetness with it, their Chocolate Milkshake comes highly recommended!

Harrie's Pancakes Graskop

Harrie’s Pancakes Graskop

To Conclude

If you are in the surrounding area and feeling slightly peckish, it truly is an amazing experience, as they continue to provide the best Pancakes we have ever tasted in Southern Africa.

Go try them and judge for yourself.

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