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Kitchen Windows Beach Resort

With our stay in Jeffrey’s Bay coming to a close and our first night consisting of a Braai in the rain it was time to explore the area and test out the local restaurants.

After a quick browse on the Internet we came across Kitchen Windows Beach Resort… So we thought we would try it out.

No Photographs

They say time flies when you are having fun and that is exactly what we did. Therefore we cannot take credit for the photographs other than the header shot as the rest were taken from their website. Thanks guys…!

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

The Drinks

On arrival we were struck by the drinks menu which stood out from most places due to its extensive range of Beers from across the world.

Including Ales from the UK and much more.

The Food

Next came the food, we were amazed at the selection. Naturally being by the sea we all wanted to delve into the Sea Food.

For me it was the Asian Calamari (which comes highly recommended).

The rest asked about the specials and went from there. Be sure to ask… As the food here is purely devine! Probably some of our best yet!

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The View

Although often neglected the position of a restaurant always adds to the vibe.

For us it was positioned perfectly by the edge of the beach overlooking the sea. We could see it all from our table!

What more could you ask for?

To Conclude

To conclude it was an amazing experience, great food, great drinks, and above all the atmosphere and the great company made it was it was.

Until our next visit… We would certainly be going back!

Kitchen Windows Beach Resort

Kitchen Windows Beach Resort

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