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Bunny Chow

The name alone sounds like some sort of interesting concoction, to which we can only say “yes it is”.

Durban Curry

In Durban, they seem to love their curry, in fact this seems to be a regular occurrence with the Cape Malay Curry and so on.

For Durban though it is a mixture of spices and sweet spices to form a beautiful Chicken Curry.

Why Bunny Chow

Knowing that Durban was famous for it what better way to venture on and explore their traditions than to try a famous Bunny Chow  Curry.

Our Description

When people ask what Bunny Chow is, I had always described it as a hollow loaf of bread to which a chicken curry is poured in.

The looks I get alone from this is worth repeating.

Naturally it isn’t just any curry, but that is the visual aspect that sets it above the rest.

The Description

It was defined on the menu as:

“Butter Chicken Curry in a brioche bun served with fresh rosa tomatoes and yoghurt”.

On arrival it lived up to the name. Served from a bakery the bread alone was worth it.

The chicken curry was full of flavour and the yoghurt complimented it nicely.

Where We Ate

We visited a place called Vovo Telo in Umhlanga Rocks, which is what seemed as a posh boulevard. It was almost as if we were back in Monaco experiencing the sights of many expensive cars and houses all in one small area.

The restaurant was amazing! More on that soon!

Our Thoughts

Overall our choice of restaurant helped tickle our tastebuds as we delved into our Bunny Chow.

It is a meal I can believe can go horribly wrong if not prepared correctly however for us, it tickled every tastebud as we delved in.

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