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In many eyes, writing is just something we do on a regular basis. Through others it is an art form to a creative side that many do not appreciate.

I guess that is the true reason to why I read so much. Not just to learn and educate myself but also to appreciate the way in which others write.

Writing As An Art Form

I am by no means a professional in the art of writing creatively, but I do know how to appreciate those that have truly mastered it.

There is nothing more appealing than reading a tale or experience and reading it as if you were actually present to experience it.

I read a blog post just this morning about a visit to Robben Island in South Africa, which I truly believed I was standing next to him or her as they described every feeling, and atmosphere in the surrounding area.

Who needs pictures when you have people who can master a scene quite like that?

Expression Through Writing

Expression Through Writing

My Personality

Many people have often described myself as a blank canvas, being hard to read.

Of course this attitude is changed under the influence of alcohol, but my usual self is that of an Introvert Nature.

In fact if you were to do a Myers Test on me (more on this later), you would begin to see that I am an INFJ, which reflects on the introvert nature.

This therefore reflects on why I write.

Why I Write

To me, I like my own space, however at the same time like to share my feelings, thoughts and plenty more with the world.

What better way to do that, than to write it all down?

Not necessarily so others can read but so I can reflect and look back at what I have written.

It is also a way to express myself.

Expression Through Writing

Expression Through Writing


One fantastic aspect about writing is the fact you can express your feelings without the thought of others responding.

When you are happy, it shows in your writing. Whilst when you are depressed it shows in your writing as well.

Some of my best pieces came whilst I was in a solitary mood.


A new addition for me is Poems. I always used to rhyme to songs normally with mediocre lyrics regarding how someone smelt or other inappropriate language.

As time progressed it was a way to write about a topic.

Check out our Poetic Pleasures Section for more on this.

Sharing Adventures

A picture paints a thousands words, but sometimes it misses the major details from the time we were chased down the road by an elephant, or the time a snake almost bit my foot off.

Tales truly should be described in writing with pictures to go with it.

Expect plenty more tales from both Ryan and I along the way through the Adventures aspect of our blog.

Expression Through Writing

Expression Through Writing

When I Am Down

One of the most focused times for me to write is when I am down, or something has struck me that I wish to expand on.

Many people go for a run or take up binge eating, whilst I just allow the words to flow.

Many instances I have written essay upon essay reflecting on my life yet it hasn’t even been worthy of any publishing and therefore deleted it or kept it in a safe place for storage.

Who Is It For?

Well quite frankly it is for me! I don’t expect any of you guys to read it all, however I do appreciate those who do.

By writing every day I get out everything on my mind, and also help boost my writing style.

To Work On

My writing technique is by no means perfect, but quite frankly I don’t intend on it being perfect.

It is a way for me to express my current frame of mind, share experiences and just enjoy.

One thing I do need to work on which is noticeable in all my blog posts is my lack of reading over my work.

I find myself being lazy and making mistakes, whether it be the wrong use of a word or poor punctuation, I do it!

So please guys, if you do notice mistakes let me know. I am forever trying to improve.

Expression Through Writing

Expression Through Writing


In summary, I just want to thank you guys for your kind words of motivation over the years, whether it be emails, comments, or via social media.

It is you guys that keep me going and keep the site alive.

What started off as a journal for myself and my travels has truly unraveled into something I love to do.

Tez Ferguson

Author Tez Ferguson

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