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Get Out And Walk

Working a stressful job daily leads most people to a poor balance between home and work.

This is something I had always failed at in earlier years.

It is well and good having time at the weekend to relax but we never really switch off.

We never just get out and walk.

Get Out And Walk Today

Get Out And Walk Today

How To Fill Your Time?

It’s so easy to get to the weekend and just close the gates and stay in not venturing out the house other than for snacks.

In this modern society you don’t even need to venture out the house for snacks. There are services like Just Eat where they deliver straight to your door.

You spend your time binging on television, catching up on those programs you had heard everyone at work talking about.

My First Adventure

Breaking the normal routine of coming home and locking the door with the curtains closed to watch television I decided to change things up.

Waking up that morning I ventured out that thing they call a front door and was hit by direct sunlight.

After about ten minutes I hit the local shop for some snacks. Then back home to enjoy.

That was the start.


Get Out And Walk Today

Get Out And Walk Today

Start In Stages

As I mentioned above, with my own experience try starting things small.

No one can expect to walk a 5k after not getting off the sofa for the last god knows how many weekends.

So do a small task like walk around the block.

Do it one evening after work. Go be nosey and check out neighbors houses.

My Next Big Step

After a while it became my regular routine on a Sunday I would venture out rather than watch tv. I’d soak in my surroundings and just enjoy.

There was a local field that was open to the public so I would wonder that area.

Often I would sit in the field and write, which was inspirational but also relaxing.

I remember one instance a horse wandering over to me to sniff and see what food I had.

Something you don’t quite experience on Netflix.

Get Tracking

It seems the rage these days to monitor how many steps you take daily. They recommend 10,000 a day, which seems excessive but you would be surprised how quickly you can do it.

Most modern phones can monitor this as well as FitBit’s and plenty more.

It is surprising how many people use this like a type of competition trying to beat yesterday’s results etc.

Give it a go.

Get Out And Walk Today

Get Out And Walk Today

No Sudden Weight Loss

Now I am not signing a disclaimer to say that this will help you lose all that weight in a 90 day plan like others would suggest but I am saying you will feel better for it.

Just getting out in fresh air will help.

You’ll feel so much lighter no matter what weather conditions you decide to do it in.

This was one of the biggest moves I did when coming to realize I needed to do something about my weight.

It was a step in the right direction… Pardon the pun.

Where To Walk?

It doesn’t have to be far, it doesn’t matter where you live either.

If it’s by the countryside then you are in luck, you have all those amazing walks to tackle.

Just remember to not over do it.

Some may live in more built up areas or cities. Get up and walk around the block.

Go walk to your local coffee shop. That way you get a treat from the walk and get it to take away so you can continue to drink it on your way back.

Get Out And Walk Today

Get Out And Walk Today


To conclude, stop being a lazy sofa based person. Get up, walk, soak in your surroundings and enjoy.

The world is your oyster.

Tez Ferguson

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