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There comes a time in life when your Journey ends and you must then begin a new one.

Id like to say that stage has come for us, but lets face it life is one long journey.

Our road trip on the other hand has sadly come to an end as we arrive in Plettenberg Bay for our next adventure.


For the Braai Brothers it has gone rather smoothly, which is unlike most plans we make up.

The route we had in mind had some detours along the way so it wasn’t fully planned and for each night we stayed somewhere, nothing was booked or planned we just pulled up into a town and looked for somewhere to stay.

Highs include, Filming Zebra from above, sipping beers with a view, tubing down the river Sabie and all the people we met along the way. I could not put it down to one single moment.


With Highs there is usually lows, but lets face it with our laid back charisma there was never going to be any lows.

Our worst experience would be a Flat Tyre, to which even that we laughed about and enjoyed watching the awesome guys at the Garage fix it.


The route we took was approximately 2,478km according to Google Maps, however with our detours and other visits this was mildly longer.

According to Google Maps that is 28 hours worth of driving. With our stops and day visits we did the trip over six days.

Would we change the route if we were to experience the whole thing again? Most certainly not!

Roadtrip Map - Journey

Roadtrip Map – Journey

Not The Last 

As I mentioned above the adventure is now complete, but who is to say this is the last journey we will be making.

This was merely to get us to our new home in Plettenberg Bay.

Onwards and upwards to the next trip.

What Next?

Ironically as I wrote the message above, we had already began to plan our next trip to Jeffreys Bay and Addo National Elephant Park. So watch this space.


To conclude the trip was a success, we managed to experience some fantastic sights and witness some great people along the way.

People stopped to guide us and ask how we were.

We got great deals where we stayed and nothing can even come close to the views we experienced.

Here is to the next big adventure.

Tez Ferguson

Author Tez Ferguson

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