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Less Than A Week

It was only the other day I remember sitting down with my best friend and saying in six months I will have quit my job and be packing ready to go.

That time has simply flown on by!

We all laugh and joke at how quickly time flies by but this has truly been insane.

I find myself in no better off position than I was six month ago when it comes to packing, making sure I have everything etc.

Less Than A Week Till South Africa

Less Than A Week Till South Africa

This Time Next Week

We fly on Sunday 15th January, so we will have already have landed in South Africa.

The flight alone is 11 hours approximately so we will be at the airport in Johannesburg awaiting our internal flight to Phalaborwa.

Exciting times ahead.


Preparation has been key to the success this trip will have. Naturally being as laid back as myself there is never a sense of urgency.

However you must ask yourself… Why must there be? There is no point stressing about any situation.

Less Than A Week Till South Africa

Less Than A Week Till South Africa

Selling Up

For this new life changing experience, I have packed up and sold everything. I am literally left with the clothes I need for the adventure and my gadgets.

People say that is mad, but at the same time, who knows where I will end up. Maybe back in the UK or maybe another land?

Never the less a fresh new start is in order.

For a guide on selling up to help fund travel please check this link out.


Packing is always going to be a long-winded process. Especially when you have a weight limit.

Our limit is 23kg and the internal flight is 20kg. Which isn’t much when you think you need six months worth of clothes with you.

Naturally I have become a pro at packing over the years so room isn’t a problem it is just the fact that we are limited with weight.

I dread to think how much my hand luggage will weigh.

Less Than A Week Till South Africa

Less Than A Week Till South Africa


Speaking of hand luggage, I have been spoilt for choice with my gadgets this year.

Naturally the laptop for blogging is involved alongside my cameras, lenses, kindle, speaker and drone.

You could say it is a bit overtop if you were to see a picture, but then again how else will I keep you guys up to date?


As discussed prior, our flight leaves on January the 15th from London, to which we fly on an 11-hour flight to Johannesburg.

From there we have an internal flight to Phalaborwa.

I will however create a post stating our plans as it is something we keep getting asked.

Less Than A Week Till South Africa

Less Than A Week Till South Africa

Countdown Begins

So with that all summarized you can begin to see the last minute panic that we may tackle.

Never the less in less than a week we will be in Sunny South Africa!!!

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