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Life Is Too Short…

Ironically I spend my time writing this whilst I should be out enjoying myself, but what better time to express my feelings than now.

Usually topics like this would be suppressed in a journal in handwritten form with that terrible left hand writing style I have grown up with, but I felt the need to share what can only be described as a turning point in my life.


Let me set the scene, as I rose early to join up to the local gym.

6am and it is already busy.

Two 20 minute sessions running and a 20 minute spin session, my cardio was done for the day and I was off to the beach.

Location Location

Living in Plettenberg Bay means the beach surrounds us. A 5 minute walk from our apartment and you arrive on the right side of Beacon Isle Hotel.

The sun was shining and I began to read and walk the brisk walk to Robberg.

After an hour I began to return home to which I stopped to sit, reap the rewards of the location and meditate.

Turning Point

There was a turning point in my life to which 300 hours plus of work was not getting me anywhere.

I was always a trooper enjoying my job until I began to realise just how short life was.

Money was never a problem as I was spoilt for choice treating myself to luxury hotels across Europe for Weekend Breaks, the latest gadgets and whatever tickled my fancy.

My bank statements consisted of takeaways, meals out with friends and pointless treats. How can a £500 suit be worthy for a couple of occasions?

Yet I was still not happy. I had friends, family and more passing away and getting ill whilst I continued to save for no particular reason other than a future.

Life Is Too Short

Life Is Too Short

The Future Is Now

Businesses always have a five year plan, and building the foundations is essential to success but who is to say life is the same?

Naturally some people strive for this success which I do mentally when I have a goal, it is all of nothing but my life was about enjoyment.

So I began to invest in more important things like myself rather than money.

Your Inner Energy

Anyone who knows me, understands my interest in spiritual energy, and surrounding topics.

As you read this I can see you sighing out loud saying “not one of those”, but let me explain.

I am talking about inner energy. Not the type where we believe in a greater being. I am talking about our inner greater being.

To experience outstanding powerful energy inside that truly allows you to enjoy every moment of your life. A sort of adrenaline rush that sticks.

Meditation was just one part that helped release this.


My first experience of meditation was years ago whilst I was young and naive.

Teaching Martial Arts, the cool down consisted of stretching and Meditation.

My brain told me that to really Meditate you must feel as if you were floating or there was a sixth sense… Boy was I wrong and gave up quick when I felt nothing.

That is truly what a wild mind is about, how can you clear it when you have things like women, money and martial art competitions on your brain.

It was only later in life I truly hit that point of no return, where I felt this floating sensation as I rose from a clear mind ready to conquer the world.

Back To Today

Back to the topic at hand I found myself on the beach after an hours walk and sitting down with high intentions to put my mind at rest and meditate for a short period before my next adventure.

Let Me Set The Scene

Sitting there, sinking lower as the sand works as a memory foam mattress forming around your body.

A cross legged pose upright watching the sun shine strongly on the sand with a reflective mannerism as if both were meant to meet.

The waves from the sea crashing down on the shoreline with a powerful thud to remind you just how mighty it is.

Almost as if we were witnessing a movie in front of us our heartbeats begin to slow. Breathing in through your nose and out your mouth for a minute or two witnessing this happening right in front of you.

Slowly Close Your Eyes

As your eyes slowly close the sunshine drifts away and those thuds from the sea begin to turn into strokes with a soothing whistling to remind you that life is still surrounding you.

You spend a moment soaking in the surroundings listening for all sorts of noises that you did not notice originally.

The Body

Next we focus on the body and begin to control our breathing. From this moment on your breathing is completed with inhales and exhales from your nose with your mouth closed now, so you can truly feel the power of the breath within the body.

As you breath in follow the breath inside your body as if it were an object raising up through your body.

With each exhale follow it down your whole body not forgetting your toes, fingertips etc.

Try and feel for pains, discomfort, or any other feelings you were unaware of beforehand.

This is where you truly begin to notice the body getting heavy as you feel itself building foundations in the sand as you sink in.


One thing you will find during this experience is the mind wandering. Something which always put me off the whole experience.

This is where the counting comes in… On inhale count and each exhale add to that figure.

For example…

Inhale – One

Exhale – Two

Inhale – Three

Exhale – Four

Once you reach ten, restart your count. Doing this three or four times you’ll begin to notice the mind concentrating on this rather than on anything else.

Allow The Mind Time To Think

At this point after counting, allow yourself time to think about anything. This is the amazing part for myself as I physically can’t think of anything.

For someone with an active mind who can’t sit still for five seconds let alone meditate I truly find this fascinating.

Sit and think for a minute or two.

The Surrounding Area

Following our thought process it is time to bring yourself back into the world.

Begin to listen for the noises surrounding you, any noises that were not apparent before hand.

This is us getting back into the current world.

To Finish Off

After a minute or two of this, it is time to open your eyes and return back to the world.

If you had the patience and understanding of what just happened you will wake as if from a sleep with your eyelids moving slowly open to access the world around you.

How did that feel?

Life Is Too Short

Life Is Too Short

Too Short

For many this may seem a silly task, to which you won’t be able to assess the situation and sitting still is a waste of time, but to me the true inner beauty begins to blossom.

You don’t necessarily need a beach to allow this to happen, and quite frankly I am spoilt for choice however I do feel everyone should at least try it.

Whether you are sitting at home or in the park, give it a go.

I am 100% certain most won’t but try it.

Ten Minutes Of Bliss

Start with ten minutes, if you truly can reap the benefits as I can, add five minutes to make it fifteen, and so on.

Everyone is different, but this is the initial step I took to true happiness.

I cannot begin to describe the energy this has provided me with throughout the day.

Be sure to expect plenty more ramblings as I continue to explore my new life without a yearly plan.

Tez Ferguson

Author Tez Ferguson

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