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Lunch At Natures Valley

Deep in the foothills of the Tsitsikamma Mountains, Natures Valley is one hidden gem that many often neglect.

Now we don’t want to repeat ourselves so if you wish to find out more about the area, check out our hike we did earlier in the month of Natures Valley. This can be found here…

Lunch At Natures Valley

Lunch At Natures Valley

Old Nicks

It has become a tradition for us now that each Wednesday morning we rise early sip a coffee on the balcony and then head to Old Nicks.

For those that do not know Old Nicks is a small square that offers a cafe (with amazing fresh bread), and a few shops with various arts and crafts.

What makes Wednesday better is that they have a Mid-Week Market.

So with our pennies in our pocket we headed off to the market and to stop off for a Cappuccino at Old Nicks.

More on Old Nicks later…

Lunch At Natures Valley

Lunch At Natures Valley


Spelt both ways, Jaffle or Jaffel, in simple terms it is a Toasted Sandwich which has been placed in a pie iron on an open stove.

Usually consisting of mince or chicken, they are as the Afrikaans would say Lekker!

Over the years Mom has made these for us so its become a tradition in its own, let alone seeing them available from a small little stall at the market.

Lunch At Natures Valley

Lunch At Natures Valley


So with caffeine levels back to normal, and a Jaffel at hand we headed to the most beautiful spot ever for lunch… Natures Valley.

Our Bakkie being the perfect vehicle for the occasion.

For those that do not know what a Bakkie is (Another South African Term), it is basically a small pick up truck. Imagine a Caddy or something similar in size.

We were fortunate enough to be rocking our own VW Caddy.

Lunch At Natures Valley

Lunch At Natures Valley

Our Position

Having driven this route before and hiking the area, we know it fairly well now and headed straight to the main beach parking area for views to die for.

The weather was beautiful, with no wind and the sun shining. The only limitation we had was the mere fact that it was a bit hazy but one can’t complain too much!

So parked up we jumped in the back of the Bakkie facing the mountains and water to relax and soak in the sights whilst we munched away.

Lunch At Natures Valley

Lunch At Natures Valley

Lazy Man Photography

Although we took the DSLR, it seemed to have battery issues and therefore was out of action for the day.

Fortunately we did have the drone at hand so being the lazy two youngsters we are we unpacked it whilst still sitting in the back of the Bakkie.

Taking off in the same position we flew it up offering plenty of photo opportunities whilst we sat being lazy.

What has photography come to?!

Lunch At Natures Valley

Lunch At Natures Valley

Keep It Coming!

Alongside our photographs (which are actually just screenshots of the video footage), we also have a variety of video footage to go through.

Although the clips will only be short expect plenty of new content in the form of video moving forward.

We are trying to capture everything in video format for 30-60 second video clips.

So watch this space!

Lunch At Natures Valley

Lunch At Natures Valley

Bush Buck

After flying the drone for a bit we decided we had best burn off our lunch and headed to the beach for a short walk.

Peering to the far left was a bent tree which formed a unique style arch. Catching our attention we headed over to it.

Then suddenly we spotted it! A small little buck grazing on the sand…

We have seen plenty of wildlife on our journey but experiencing such a thing on a beach was unique for us.

Not wanting to scare the poor thing we could get close enough for a good picture.

Lunch At Natures Valley

Lunch At Natures Valley

Next Hike

So with Natures Valley being put back on the list we obtained the footage we required, we headed home with big plans of exploring Tsitsikamma tomorrow.

For anyone wanting more information on Natures Valley check out Plett Tourism for more… This truly lives up to its name.

Lunch At Natures Valley

Lunch At Natures Valley

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