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Make Your Bed

Waking up on a cold morning is hard enough, let alone having additional tasks to your usual regime.

We have already mentioned things like snoozing your alarm, and making the most out of your morning but how can we begin to succeed and have a great day if we forget one of the most important tasks?

Making your bed!

Make Your Bed For Success

Make Your Bed For Success


One thing you will notice throughout my guidance is the importance of checklists.

Something I have always done naturally is making a list of things to do.

Often these lists would not be completed but the initial practice was stuck in the back of my head.

As time progressed I truly began to realize the importance of these checklists, and how I was doing them wrong.

To begin any checklist you must focus on simple yet achievable tasks, offering some small wins before the big ones.

Small Wins

As mentioned above, small wins are little goals we set out to achieve daily in order to help boost our motivation levels for the ultimate tasks of the day.

Set out some simple yet effective tasks first and the rest is history.

My biggest downfall on checklists was setting too many big tasks.

As the day progressed nothing would be achieved because I was too busy stressing about how little time I had left to carry out all the big tasks.

Make Your Bed For Success

Make Your Bed For Success

Where To Start Off?

So let us begin your checklist with one of the easiest small wins you can… Making your bed.

It doesn’t take any longer than 2 minutes, and you gain many benefits from it.

Why Making Your Bed Matters

The first and foremost thing about making your bed is the fact that it feels so much nicer getting home after a horrible day and you can get into a freshly made bed.

The second most important aspect is the fact you have already achieved one of your daily goals.

A simple step indeed but it is a simple win of the list of things to do throughout the day.

Successfully completing a task and ticking it off gives you a sense of motivation to continue this mentality throughout the day.

Make Your Bed For Success

Make Your Bed For Success

A Small Video

Below is a simple yet inspirational video that I advise watching. Although it is not my own content it has a very powerful message.

What We Learn

If this is the initial step for the military on a daily basis, then surely there is some importance in it?

Try it, for a short period and you will begin to see exactly what I am talking about.

Make Your Bed For Success

Make Your Bed For Success


The whole process does not take long, you do not need to get up any earlier (providing you aren’t running late already).

So get up, make your bed and tick it off your checklist for the day.

Tez Ferguson

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