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Making The Most Out Of Work

I must begin this ordeal by stating I am no means a guru when it comes to making the most of your day, and plenty of times myself I struggled on what seemed to be a never ending path.

However these information here was gathered from various suppliers I have met along the way.

The most lessons ironically were gained from Courier drivers who delivered parcels to us on a daily basis… There story lies within…

Tips To Make The Most Out Of Work

Tips To Make The Most Out Of Work

Courier Drivers And What They Taught Me

Ironic how a Delivery Driver can have such an impact, but that is exactly the subconscious method we don’t pay attention to.

Have you ever felt like you were having a good day and someone negative comes along and puts your mood out of sync with how you currently feel?

This tendency usual lies within Courier Drivers. Most of which moan they hate their job, but do you see them doing anything about it? Nope!

That One Courier Driver That Got Away

So that leaves me with the few I truly bonded with over the course of five years. There were four or five I knew on first name basis and delivered daily. Some days they were fully motivated, others they just plodded along.

Then came Gary! Naturally I wont use his real name but Gary fits the scene quite nicely. He was a delivery driver for a company called DX.

You would always hear him before you saw him. Shouting hello to everyone he met, and laughing at everyone’s misfortunes including his own.

He was so happy people used to question whether he was on drugs?

To that he responded… “Nope I am just one day closer to retirement”.

Now that was something to live up to.

Tips To Make The Most Out Of Work

Tips To Make The Most Out Of Work

Daily Stress

Naturally no matter how much you prep for your day and are ready for the worst, there will always be that one thing that you don’t expect that knocks you off guard and damages your mood.

Sadly this is part of life. I was the worst for it, if something didn’t go my way… Like a stroppy teenager I would begin to stress.

Tips To Make Work Easier

So there we have it a brief summary of my life and what I have learnt along the way. From it I have compiled a list of things to help make the most out of your day at work.

Some may not apply but I have tried to keep it broad enough.

1 – Start Your Days Motivated

No matter how tired you are when you get up for work, have a positive mind. Try to get up earlier by setting a routine, this allows you more “you” time in the morning, for a great breakfast, reading, meditation or whatever else you feel like doing.

Tips To Make The Most Out Of Work

Tips To Make The Most Out Of Work

2 – Plan Your Time Wisely

You may sadly have someone telling you what to do, but structure your workload to suit. Prioritize those big important tasks as soon as possible so the rest of your day is your oyster.

3 – Don’t Check Your Emails As Soon As You Get Up Or In To Work!

Checking your emails as soon as you wake up or as soon as you get into work sets you up to fail.

No matter how positive you are feeling, if someone sends you a negative email that is your mood ruined for the day.

4 – Respond To Emails At Set Times

Set a certain time in the morning to check your mail, and the same for the evening. There is an awesome app for Google Chrome called Boomerang, which allows you to send emails at certain times.

This does wonders when you don’t want to play Email Ping Pong all day.

5 – Make A Check List The Evening Before

If you have a list of things to be completed, you are more likely to get them done and it helps you when you look back to see what you have achieved.

Spend time the evening or afternoon before writing this up, otherwise you waste your morning making a list of everything you need to do for the day.

Tips To Make The Most Out Of Work

Tips To Make The Most Out Of Work

6 – Prioritize The Most Important Bits First

Once you have made your “To-Do” List, set the top few as the most important. This not only means you get them done whilst you are the most motivated but allows you to slack off a bit in the afternoon.

Set Small Goals to achieve ultimate greatness. It makes us feel like we are actually getting things done.

7 – Delegate Where You Can

I am not talking about passing your workload to everyone, but it is all about team work. If others can help you and you can help them, it gets jobs done so much quicker and more efficiently.

8 – Make Sure You Use Your Breaks

Something I was prone to forgetting, but make sure you use them. In your lunch break, get away from the work environment. Go for a walk, sit outside or even go and read for half an hour.

Tips To Make The Most Out Of Work

Tips To Make The Most Out Of Work

9 – Review Your Day Before You Leave Work

Rather than taking work home with you, review it before you leave. The same applies to setting the workload for the following day.

Also reviewing your day allows you to see how much you achieved. If it has been a successful day, email an update to your boss. It shows how productive you have been and also gets you brownie points (sometimes).

10 – Switch Off Once You Leave

Easier said than done, this is a priority. No one likes to take work home with them.

If you have an important role, leave your phone on but go home with the mindset to talk about other things with your loved ones.

You need the ultimate life balance.

11 – Curb Your Negativity

We often feel negative, but that is shown at work and rubs off on others causing a negative work force.

Show a bubbly side and people will join you.

No matter how negative you feel, be known as that positive one with the ultimate motivational quotes.

12 – Eat A Healthy Breakfast

They say it is the most important meal of the day. I often beg to differ but I can tell you eating a proper breakfast help’s keep you going for longer.

It also means you have to get up earlier to make sure you fit it in, do this and you will see how wide awake you are compared to the rest of the team.

Tips To Make The Most Out Of Work

Tips To Make The Most Out Of Work

13 – Computer Geeks… Exercise

Sitting down all day isn’t healthy for you, and especially if you are in front of a computer screen.

Take regular breaks during different intervals.

Move around and exercise.

Most importantly do not eat your lunch at your desk.

14 – On Your Feet? Take A Seat!

Work on your feet all day? Take five minutes to sit down over your lunch break, do not sit for too long else you wont get back up.

However that feeling you get when you get home and sit for the first time is amazing isn’t it.


So there you have it, 14 simple how to tips for those wanting to make the most out of their day.

Naturally it wont make you the most productive person on the planet but it will help ease you into each day, one day at a time.

Tez Ferguson

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