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Now allow me to introduce you to our new project

What Is Phalaborwa?

Phalaborwa is a small mining town in the Limpopo Province of Southern Africa.

Known as The Town Of Two Summers, it presents hot weather all year round.

Not lacking things to do it also provides the gate to The Kruger National Game Reserve offering safari trips for both locals and tourists.

The Purpose Of The Site

Often questioned when mentioned Phalaborwa is a hub to the surrounding area and therefore the site was created for both locals and tourists to help promote the area and what Phalaborwa has to offer.

Our Input

The site itself was developed many years ago but sadly died a death with content lacking and the original site being hacked.

It is therefore our pleasure to take over the site.

The initial step was to create a new theme layout for the site and begin with content.

The site itself will include a variety of features but not limited to those.

Features will be rich in content, offering both information for locals and tourists.

With an events diary providing information on upcoming events in Phalaborwa it allows everyone to keep up to date with what is happening in the area.

Focusing on increasing tourism, there will be separate sections for both, things to do as well as where to eat.

This will allow local businesses to help boost their sales through the site as well as promote specials the locals may be interested in.


Creating such a platform is going to take time and it is currently still not complete.

With this in mind it will be our task over the next few months to get this to a state where we can begin to market both the site and companies on the site.

We would however appreciate your feedback. Whether it be what you would like to see if you were visiting the site, what we have done wrong and so on.

All feedback is appreciated.

Social Media

With todays modern take on technology we are not just limited to a website and therefore have created the following social media pages we would appreciate you guys following:

Twitter –

Facebook –

Instagram –

We are also going to be designing an app in house which will provide a mobile friendly version of the website.

Watch this space.

Go Take A Look!

We would appreciate you guys taking a look via the link below:

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