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As we venture on to our next adventure, we leave you with this little poem. Our trip continues as we head to the Garden Route!


Phalaborwa was but a mere little mining town,
Mention it to people in the free state and they would just frown!

Situated in the Limpopo province it gets so hot,
Fixing pot holes the government does surely not!

They have a pub in each corner to drink and more,
Hans Merensky is the place to go for a golf safari tour!

Bringing in tourists the Kruger gate does it all,
To get things booked just give Turn Key Travel a call!

The airport alone is little and sweet,
As are the amazing people you will always meet!

Locals moan and love to share their gossip amongst friends,
Their fashion statements are not high on the list to start trends!

Villa Luso offers eisbein and chips at a bargain price,
Leaving your car by the mall will make you check you locked it twice!

Wacky Wednesdays at Steers is the place to be,
Having two burgers to yourself is amazing can’t you see?

The old toppies meet at Villa or the bus stop for a bottle of beer,
Seeing the price raise makes a couple of them shed a tear!

The post office at night is the place the hookers tend to hang out,
Stopping at the gholovan for a drink after work is what S.A is all about!

The gym is new and has all the equipment you need,
Spar and Chequers stock all including bird seed!

A pool is complimentary in this town called two summers,
Heat this hot is a struggle especially for all those newcomers!

Driving on by you could miss it at the flick of a stone,
But that is the story of the place we all like to call home!

Tez Ferguson

Author Tez Ferguson

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