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Bauer Hotels

Most people think of Venice, and the romantic factor. It most definitely offers a picturesque backdrop, with plenty to see and do. Not to even mention the food!

With sites like and you can always find a bargain when flying. Hotels on the other hand are always a gamble.

For us we chose the beautiful Bauer chain. Offering two hotels in the area I chose the one on the Canal Front:

Bauer Hotels - Venice - Italy

Bauer Hotels – Venice – Italy


Arriving in Venice was an experience to say the least. We had never arrived by Plane and then had to get a boat straight afterwards.

Cruising into Venice it became clear how beautiful this place truly was.

Witnessing FedEx Boats rather than vans, Emergency Services on boats and not a car in sight was truly one experience I will never forget.

Bauer Hotels - Venice - Italy

Bauer Hotels – Venice – Italy

Out Of Season

We always try and go out of season for the best prices. Whether it be cheaper flights, hotels or even activities you are bound to find a bargain if you just wait it out.

Ok the weather will never be as great as if you went in season but you would skip all the queues of people.

That being said even our trip was compiled of Tourists. Whether they were blocking the bridges or photographing the spectacular views it truly was insanely busy.

I dread to think what it would be like during Prime Season.

Bauer Hotels - Venice - Italy

Bauer Hotels – Venice – Italy

The Presidential Suite

One thing I always mention is that it is a special occasion (which in this case it was). This has opened doors to great views in Florence, Amsterdam, Bruges and much more… So why not try your luck.

On arrival we were greeted by two men in suits who offered to carry our cases to our room. The receptionist was very professional and explained that he had upgraded our room from the Executive Suite to the Presidential Suite.

How could this get any better?

Bauer Hotels - Venice - Italy

Bauer Hotels – Venice – Italy


After catching the lift to the top floor, the door was opened to what can only be described as a large house. The Suite was made up of several rooms, all with beautiful glass windows opening up onto the Grand Canal.

With Champagne, fresh fruit and chocolates at the front door, what more could we ask for?

The main bed had its own glass roof to look out of, and the whole suite hosted two large bathrooms with jacuzzi style bathtubs. We were in heaven!

How could you even warrant leaving the Suite when you had all this to explore?

Bauer Hotels - Venice - Italy

Bauer Hotels – Venice – Italy

The Canals

Once we were settled we decided to go explore the beautiful place. Walking around witnessing families hanging their washing out.

The beautiful Jewellery shops, waters, people. It literally was like something out of a story book.

People say Venice is overrated, but try saying that when you have not a worry in the world and can just explore for hours on end.

Bauer Hotels - Venice - Italy

Bauer Hotels – Venice – Italy

Gondola Ride

One of the most important things to experience in Venice is a Gondola Ride. Ok the prices are steep as its a tourist trap, but after all you have gone all the way to Venice, it needs to be done!

After getting on we cruised the canals as we sat back admiring the views, smiling at passes by.

Once you hit the main Canal, the views are spectacular of Rialto Bridge. It is rather congested with Canals, but we were fortunate enough to have a band playing on a Gondola so we had music as we floated the Venetian Waters.

Bauer Hotels - Venice - Italy

Bauer Hotels – Venice – Italy

Murano – The Glass Island

Arriving back at the Hotel we spoke to the receptionist regarding exploring further a field.

He organised a Private Boat for us to go to Murano Island. Known as the Glass Island it is where all the famous Venetian Glass is made.

We did not pay a penny for the boat, Factory Tour etc. How amazing is that? Bauer you continued to surprise us!

Witnessing the smoothness of the Glass Maker as he showed us Glass Blowing. Forming a Glass Horse with various colours in under a few seconds was enough of a memory to stick with us for a lifetime.

Bauer Hotels - Venice - Italy

Bauer Hotels – Venice – Italy

Private Boat

The Private Boat organised by Bauer was amazing. With a very authentic feel, a small wooden design with so much attention to detail.

From the wooden slats to the gold handles, and custom made cushions.

This alone was fit for kings!

Bauer Hotels - Venice - Italy

Bauer Hotels – Venice – Italy


We organised Massages at The Bauer Palladio as part of our trip. Receiving yet another private boat across the canal we were greeted at the Jetty by a man in a suit with Champagne.

He then walked us to the Hotel and introduced us to the Spa Staff.

Minutes later we were in gowns sipping more Champagne, eating fresh fruit looking out a glass wall over the canal…

Heaven Once Again!

Bauer Hotels - Venice - Italy

Bauer Hotels – Venice – Italy


In typical Tez style, I arrived in Venice with a hoody, ripped jeans and my DC’s (for those that know me, this comes Standard).

Dinner at posh restaurants dressed like this wasn’t a problem until one night the waiter suggested I took his Suit Jacket to wear as a Dinner Jacket.

Such a nice gesture. Obviously I had offended some, but it goes to show the type of clientele that arrived and ate at this establishment.

They continued to call me Mr Ferguson and wait on every request we put through. You cannot fault good happy staff.

Bauer Hotels - Venice - Italy

Bauer Hotels – Venice – Italy

The Food

With a love for Wine, Pizza, Pasta and the stereotypical aspects of the Italian lifestyle what more could I ask for.

Our carb intake was on an all time high… But you only live once hey!

Their bread alone… Is to die for! The breakfasts with a Cappuccino… Oh My Wow!

Bauer Hotels - Venice - Italy

Bauer Hotels – Venice – Italy


Italy as a whole stole my heart a long time ago. The Italians are truly amazing people and very welcoming.

You could be walking the side alleys of Rome and a family would invite you in to enjoy good Wine, Amazing Food, and Great Company.

Their lifestyle is all about enjoying the moment, and that Italy allowed us to do.

The architectural designs of Italy was another aspect that could keep me occupied for hours!

Bauer Hotels - Venice - Italy

Bauer Hotels – Venice – Italy

More Of The Series

Sharing travel experiences is truly what this blog is all about, whether it be a random trip away or where we recommend.

We have created a TBT (Throwback Thursday) aspect to allow us to share some of our fondest memories across the Globe.

Look out for the next post… Who knows where it will be from.

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Bauer Hotels - Venice - Italy

Bauer Hotels – Venice – Italy

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