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Procrastination is something that we all face at tough times during our life. We have therefore written a poem about it to help share our views. Enjoy!


We all procrastinate to some extent,

Where creativity and motivation is what we meant!

We sit down to work and complete that project of desire,

Whilst we get soaked in by that social network empire!

A pen to paper is all that it takes,

Yet it’s far to easy to get distracted by tea and chocolate cakes!

Now I don’t mean to be off and damn right rude,

There’s more distractions than just damn good food!

Our phones are the worst for interruptions and more,

We change the television channel just to find out the rugby score!

The same applies for me when I write,

I start off with good intentions and a mind that is ever so bright!

Yet when I sit at that desk to begin,

I’m easily distracted by the birds as they sing!

All it takes is a little background noise,

And I’m pushed from that balanced poise.

Taking it all away to begin my story,

My mind wonders like a superhero in all his glory!

So how can we fix a problematic wondrous mind,

I’d like the answer to that one if you’d be so kind!

My story is one where I must sit and focus on the task at hand,

Picturing my celebratory bonus with my feet in the sand!

This only comes once the project is complete,

That’s down to me to ensure its done and then repeat!

So maybe it works and is heard by few,

Once your task is finished the sand may come to you.

– By Tez Ferguson

Procrastination Poetic Pleasures

Procrastination Poetic Pleasures

Thank You

Did you enjoy this poem and want to see more? A new series of poems will be coming shortly to share our views in quick short pieces. This poem about Procrastination was written to show the views we face on a daily basis.

Tez Ferguson

Author Tez Ferguson

Founder of Xploited Media, Tez Ferguson is a Digital Marketing Lead Generator who can deliver creative, engaging solutions for all types of business models

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