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Who am I kidding? We have been mega busy getting you guys content to enjoy reading and guide you on your travels.

It has however meant we have been mega quiet on the blog, but that is all to change in these upcoming days.

Think… Beaches… Wildlife… Beauty… And Typical Braai Brothers Antics!

Watch this space!


One thing we have learnt over the past week is how hard it is to write while on the road.

It was a plan we had that one would drive whilst the other wrote content about our adventures, but it was never that simple.

Having a co-pilot navigator was an important task, as we based our journey on map books and of course the handy use of Google.

The evenings were spent catching up on the lack of sleep and relaxing prepping the following day!

Public Apology

Road Trip


Something we need to work on is our time management skills. We set time to write and communicate with friends and family but it never quite goes to plan.

Therefore a regular posting time is required alongside the importance of posts in general.

Our Journey

Our journey took us far and wide, from Phalaborwa in the North, to Plettenberg Bay in the Western Cape. It truly has given us an eye opening experience to Southern Africa.

Although spoilt for choice, there are future plans to explore additional areas we have not yet visited.

Public Apology

Road Trip

Future Plans

Posts will begin to be themed across the board with certain days offering particular posts whilst a lot more photography, which is what everyone likes.

We will also offer more guides to local attractions in Plettenberg Bay, alongside plans for future travel.


Our social media pages have been lacking recently where we have not had much time to keep you guys updated daily, but expect this to change also with regular updates of what we are up to and any useful links we find along the way.

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Public Apology


Plenty More Adventures

Ironically as we write this, we are planning another hire car for an adventure to Jeffreys Bay for a two night stay which will shortly be followed by a trip to Addo Elephant Park for a further two nights.

This alone will provide some interesting tales as we join forces with the rest of the family and get the cameras charged for some fantastic photography.

See you all soon!

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