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100 Books

As some of you will know I set myself a challenge to read 100 books in the year.

Going from none to 100 was going to be a task in itself.

Setting out time each morning after I wake to read what better  period to get the ball rolling.


In summary I am a bit behind on my set target but, that is down to a number of things.

I have had a few bad days where we were travelling and no time was available for reading. This is a habit I need to fix.

Never the less some books are short whilst others much longer so it is expected.

Good Times

Over the course of the past few months I have read a variety of books, some with interesting facts, others with entertaining stories.

Some aspects have been incorporated into my life whilst others I plan on implementing soon. Watch this space people.

Bad Times

There just never feels like enough time in the day, it has certainly reduced my lazy social media browsing at the weekend where I spend any time I can reading.

I have begun to find it fun, rather than a chore. Something that was always hard a year ago.

Highlighted Books

I can honestly say there has not been a book I have not picked up and enjoyed, however some great books with interesting principles in include:

  • 4 Hour Work Week
  • E-Myth
  • Why Sell Tacos In Africa
  • 2am Principle
  • The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.

This list continues to grow which I will shortly be adding to our Reading List Page.

Bad Habit

The biggest bad habit I face whilst doing this is the amount of awesome books out there to read. I begin to read one then randomly pick up another.

It doesn’t help on the Kindle that they give recommendations based on books you read, so i am constantly purchasing more books.

This is partially the reason why when looking through the spreadsheet there are plenty of books with a small percentage read on them.


With this challenge, I have learnt a lot from all the books I have picked up. There has not been one book that hasn’t inspired me onto a new path in life.

I could not recommend it enough, however I do ask that you check out the list here on how I am getting on and if you feel I am missing any vital books please do just let me know:

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