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What Do We Offer?

Braai Brothers was developed solely to share our experience with others.

What started off as a brief summary of our life as we travel the world has grown into a success in more than one.

We wish to distribute this success and share it with all our fans.

Whether you wish for travel guides, growth hacks, marketing skills etc we aim to offer something suitable for all of you.

About Us
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Braai Brothers Resources

Our guides are varied dependant on your interests.

Do you travel? Check out our Travel Blog Theme!

Do you need motivational guidance? Check out our Motivational Monday Posts!

Do you want book recommendations? Check out our Book Recommendations!

Marketing Tips? Check out our Instagram Secrets to ultimate success!

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Travel Tips:

From a young age we have both been travelling the globe and have gained plenty of knowledge, from solo travel to hiking Mountains.

Whether you are after simple tips or recommendations be sure to keep checking here for plenty.

Along the way we will be creating a selection of tips for all travellers. From guides on cheaper flights to sleeping under the stars.

Englishmen living in South Africa gives us an edge to both countries that many have not experienced.

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Braai Brothers Resources

Book Recommendations:

Braai Brothers Resources

Avid readers we both have a true passion for useful reading material.

Whether it be in the form of a book or built for the Amazon Kindle we are sure to share our experience.

Most books we read we review in a brief summary allowing people to read our summary and understand the whole book.

We also have created a Recommended page that we ask you visit to see what we highly recommend to all our readers.

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With our experience, we wish to share our reviews of useful products and services to prevent you from making similar mistakes that we have maybe made in the past.

Whether you are after technology based products or health products, we have tried and tested them.

Each review comes with a link of where to purchase it from at a recommended price.

Check them out now…

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Braai Brothers Resources

Self Help:

Braai Brothers Resources

From being stuck in the rat race struggling with a balance between life and work, we have been in a position many dread every day.

With our success in a variety of areas, learn from our failures so you don’t make the same mistakes.

Our blog posts often resemble tips and tricks that have helped us build our motivation levels.

Be sure to check out our self help Motivational Mondays themed blog posts to achieve ultimate success.

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Specialists in Social Media, we have a special giveaway for all those who want to achieve ultimate success on Instagram.

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