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Thandamanzi Self Catering

For our first night of the road trip we find ourselves in a small family run business on a farm offering accommodation for a variety of people.

Thandamanzi offered everything we required at a very competitive price.

Thandamanzi Self Catering

Thandamanzi Self Catering

Accommodation Options

Due to our late arrival, the options were limited to a small room with a communal shower and kitchen in the guest house or a cabin set out overlooking the farm which included its own kitchen area and shower.

We chose the cabin, not only because of the shower facilities, but being our first night what more could we ask for?

It was truly amazing. Silence with the animals wandering the farm and a nice set of beds to rest our heads for the night.


Situated 400m from Sabie Falls it truly could not be in a better spot.

As you enter Sabie, it takes literally a few minutes to get to Thandamanzi.

Behind locked security gates your vehicle and belongings are safe.

There are plenty of places to eat, and other facilities nearby in case you wish to explore the area more.

Thandamanzi Self Catering

Thandamanzi Self Catering


It seems Thandamanzi offers the best value for money in the area, although you are spoilt for choice with local Bed and Breakfasts etc.

We paid R390 for the night in the cabin, which is a small little log cabin style place with all the facilities you need and the security of a locked gate for the vehicle.

Our Experience

Ironically it was not our first choice… Being our first night in Sabie and also the first night on our road trip we were yet to get used to the experience of bargaining.

We had not booked any nights in any destinations as we weren’t sure where we would end up on a day by day basis.

Using our trusted Google, we searched for a place to stay and found a competitive price. After appearing at the location and asking at reception for the price we were shocked and quickly turned away in disgust.

The price had almost doubled due to us being late to check in. It was only 17:30 yet the price had become extortionate. Ironic when all we wanted was a short stay.

Thandamanzi Self Catering

Thandamanzi Self Catering

The Drive

So we continued down the road to try out the next location. Pulling up and Thandamanzi we parked outside the gates and waited.

No one came to open them. There was no reception or anything.

We had been told about small farms where they offered bed and breakfast, and this was truly one of those.

Finally the gates opened and a lovely guy came to meet up. We asked the prices and accepted instantly. Choosing the small cabin for the experience.

This was going to be a good road trip!


After settling down, we were offered a free tubing experience down a small part of the Sabie River, which we could not refuse. Being late we rushed to get our swimming gear on and returned to enjoy the experience. The rest will be left for another story another day, but it was a nice gesture for them to offer it to us.

Alongside this, you get free reign around the farm to explore the area. Something highly recommended as it truly is in a beautiful spot.

Thandamanzi Self Catering

Thandamanzi Self Catering


We couldn’t recommend Thandamanzi enough! The service was fantastic, as they made us feel welcome from the moment we arrived to the moment we left.

You are given a remote for the gate so you can come and go as you please, wood for the braai and we highly recommend the Cabin for one night at least to wake up to Southern Africa in all its glory.

To Conclude

So as we wake from our first night on our road trip, and head to our next adventure, we already have plenty of tales to tell family and friends… Here is to our next adventure.

Thandamanzi Self Catering

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