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On arrival in Phalaborwa, our first mode of transport was a little runaround we had hired for a week to get us to Orpen so that we could enter the Kruger Park.

After the week was up, a reliable vehicle was not a requirement until our road trip was amongst us.

With a visit to Avis at Phalaborwa Airport we discussed vehicles.

The Car Choice

Travelling with so much, we wanted something with a large enough boot but not heavy on fuel.

The choices were in a category B range. Offering a VW Polo, Ford Fiesta, or Hyundai Accent.

The Accent has the biggest boot out of the three and we asked for that one.

Why A Hire

Due to the route we were taking there was nothing reliable enough to get us there safe and sound.

We would be driving on various terrains, up and down mountain roads so a car that could handle this was necessary.

The Dilemma

On the day of collection Avis told us the Hyundai wasn’t available but offered us a Fiesta instead but would try work something out.

Arriving home the Fiesta had a tiny boot for what we needed fitting only one case in and the drone.

Within a few hours they had called us back and were organising a Hyundai Accent as we requested! Thank you Avis.

Time To Hand It Back

It is sad to see the thing go, from a snobbish approach we were first a bit uneasy regarding a Hyundai but as time went on it drove nicely, handled the sand roads and continued to bless us with comfort along the journey.

Avis Car Rental

Avis Car Rental

The Adventure

Most people doing a route like ours would have hired a 4×4 or something similar, however the Hyundai was the ideal choice.

It truly did add to the expedition. A highlight would be skipping the toll road late at night to take a detour and ending up driving onto a sand road that looked like a cliff edge due to the wether conditions.

What Next?

On the look out for a little runaround, expect an update soon of our new wheels!

Something to get us from Plett to Knysna and back again.


Overall the car has been amazing, Avis were magical and provided everything we could have asked for.

Not often do you get a deal you can’t refuse… But Avis covered everything. Thank you!

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