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Howick Falls

Famously highlighted on the map as you enter Howick, it offers views of the famous Howick Falls central to town.

A detour to our original plan, Howick Falls was something we wanted to spend some time at.

The Trek

There is a trail that takes you to the very bottom of the falls. Sadly you are not allowed to swim in the water which is a disappointment but the trek alone seemed worth it.

For us we were sunburnt, hot, tired and ratty so our venture down was delayed as we stuck to the viewpoint at the top.

The ViewPoint 

The viewpoint hovers over the edge of the opening allowing you perfect views of the falls itself.

A great opportunity to photograph the spectacular sight.

We were fortunate enough to experience a young Afrikaans chap singing with his guitar on the steps adding to the atmosphere.



Ironically it was not a planned destination, as we originally intended to stay elsewhere for the night.

After looking at the map we realised the distance to Durban. We therefore decided to get as close as we could in a single night making our trip in the morning a better one.

Howick as a whole offers Canopy tours, trail works, and of course the Waterfall.

Other than that the town seems limited for tourists.

Where We Stayed

We were fortunate enough to get a last minute booking at Biggy Best Cottages which offered everything we needed in a safe and secure area of Howick.

The staff and customers were friendly… But more of this here.


If you are passing the area be sure to check out the falls. They aren’t the biggest South Africa has seen but it offers a nice change from the dry lack of water in the surrounding area.

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