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Imagine an old Truck inner tube, pumped up fully whilst you lay on it face forward and drift down a river with rapids and all of rocks and sharp things at the base of the water…

How It Came About

Arriving at our first destination for the evening, we made a deal with a farmer to stay at their inn for the night.

Thandamanzi is a large farm with plenty of rooms to rent.

The owners are very welcoming offering everything they can to help us.

After settling in the owner offered us a go of the tubing to which we felt we could not decline!

So that is where it began.

Tubing In Sabie

Tubing In Sabie

The Dog

There were two dogs on the farm and one seemed to follow us everywhere.

As we jumped into the water he jumped in not realising the strength of the rapids.

He swam towards me on my tube with panic in his eyes. Trying to grab him I missed as we both drifter down the water.

Then next thing he grabbed my left leg with his claws as he tried to attach himself to me.

Finally he made it and I had the added weight advantage as myself and this little mutt cruised on down the rapids to catch Ryan.

The Water

The water varied throughout the experience, with some areas offering a speedy descent and others a cool calm cruise down the river.

Steering was done with your hands and we were advised to keep to the right at all times, which was easier said than done.

Tubing In Sabie

Tubing In Sabie

Popping The Tube

Naturally I am prone to breaking things, and that I managed to do even being on the water, however luckily it was no broken bones this time round.

The water itself was full of sharp rocks at the bottom, so we were advised to keep our feet up whilst riding the water.

I however managed to hit the only rock sticking up the surface.

No matter how much I steered away from it, the water drew me closer.

Until POP! It happened and I burst the tube making the last bit of the swim even more difficult.


After speaking to the owner, we found out more about the whole experience and he told us that the following weekend they were running their annual Competition where 2000 people meet with their tubes and start at the top of the water and ride the water all the way to the bottom.

I can only imagine how amazing that experience would be.

Where To Stay?

For our experience it came free with staying at a place called Thandamanzi.

The owners provided the equipment and took us down the water.

He also allowed us to swim in the water afterwards to call down and relax.

The accommodation is great and the hospitality even better.

Tubing In Sabie

Tubing In Sabie

To Conclude

If you are in the area, it is well worth the experience trying to find somewhere to give tubing a go.

It seems to be a regular thing in the area with their competitions run yearly, so be sure to give it a go.

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