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One thing we truly have experienced over the road trip was the vast variety of weather conditions we drove through.

Many travelling through Europe alone would not even come close to the weather we experienced.


When people mention South Africa, they naturally assume dessert style safari’s with no rain.

They are so wrong!

Of course the rain isn’t quite like the rain you would experience in England but when it rains, boy does it pour.

You also get the tropical rain but the heavy stuff is literally horrible to drive in.

One thing I must confess I love is the smell of rain here in South Africa. That fresh smell!

Giants Castle Drakensberg

Giants Castle Drakensberg


Temperature wise, we went from lows of below 20 to 45 plus! And yes I am talking celsius!

One of the most interesting drives was the last day of our six day road trip to which we finished the last leg of the Free State driving through to Port Elizabeth.

The weather hit 42 degrees celsius and then within an hour window dropped to 23 degrees! Thats body shock right there!

In the heat your arms would feel a hot breeze of air at 120kph then suddenly it was cool! So surreal!


Throughout the trip the sun was always shining! We had overcast days but it always shone brightly through the clouds.

The only time we felt distant from the sun was at Giants Castle to which the weather took a turn for the worst.

You truly underestimate the sun even on the cooler days.


Along with sunshine comes the tan, or in our case sunburn. As I mentioned above the sun is so underestimated here in Southern Africa.

Sitting on a beach in Dominican Republic, I could tan all day long… However the African sun powers on above and beyond leaving you red if you don’t use any lotion.

Note to self… Put aftersun in the fridge!

Away With The Fairies

Away With The Fairies


In the evenings is certainly gets cooler, but anyone that knows me understands my need for shorts over trousers at any occasion.

One night in particular though in Sabie I wore trousers to bed! Yes to bed! It certainly was freezing!


Overall the weather played ball with us over the whole journey.

The temperatures shocked us as did how nice the weather was.

The Freestate caused some rain, but it did not affect our journey!

Thank you South Africa!

Tez Ferguson

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