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We begin this series with a simple ‘What Is Love’ style question. A part of the Poetic Pleasures series, poems and little rhymes have been written to express feelings, and the thought processes. As part of your own life, it is a fantastic way to express yourself with writing. Whether it be a little journal for yourself where you jot ideas down or whether you express it in front of others… Never give up writing!

What Is Love?

What is love we begin to enquire,
It is something one day we all require!

But what is it if not merely just words,
You’ll see the smiles in happy love birds!

Love is a word you cannot empower,
It isn’t a work shift that changes hour upon hour!

It is something you need to learn to embrace,
Not something you go out your way to chase!

It happens to the best of us when we least expect,
Struggling to find it does not make you a little reject!

Don’t fall in love just for beauty and lust,
It goes further than that with security and trust!

Fall in love with their dreams and ambition,
This is a mind set not just their mission!

Begin to smile and love their every imperfection,
Love is made not just done by selection!

Don’t fall in love just for their looks and smell,
When you find true love you can straight away tell!

It doesn’t come at a price you must pay,
True love comes and is here to stay!

Love their problems and sins from the past,
True love is made to really last!

Love is something raw and wild,
Fall for someone to whom you will hold their child!

True love is something that will never fade away,
Just remember that as you will find it one day.

– By Tez Ferguson

Cloud Lovers

Cloud Lovers

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Tez Ferguson

Author Tez Ferguson

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