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Biggy Best Cottages

Situated in Howick, our night took a turn as we decided to venture further a field to make tomorrows drive to Durban a better one.

Change Of Plans

Originally we were going to do a shorter drive today however with plans to venture into Durban to explore the beach we thought the further we got today the better our journey would be tomorrow.

After a cheeky stop for fuel and a Steers Burger we were back on the road.

Biggy Best Cottages

Biggy Best Cottages


Avoiding the tolls we found ourselves on sand roads.

Originally I said to Ryan the plan was to make sure each venue we got to gave us time in the evening to find somewhere to stay and relax ready for an early start.

We set a deadline of 6pm each night, but for some reason we decided to venture further a field.

Arriving in Howick we were no more than 2 hours away from Durban.


After searching for a while we located a place called Biggy Best.

Like usual there were plenty of places we could stay as Bed And Breakfasts seem to be on every corner. However with a late entry our choices were limited and we used Google as our aid.

Arriving here we buzzed the gate and reception allowed us to enter.

With no cottages left the only other option was the Corporate Suites.


Looking online we found a room for R650 which wasn’t fantastic but with limited options in the area we went in to ask. We were quoted R850 to which Ryan came back to the car to discuss with myself.

With the online price at hand Ryan went back in and showed the chap to which he accepted the price we saw online and nocked R50 off allowing us a R600 rand room for two with wifi and breakfast.

What more could we ask for?

Biggy Best Cottages

Biggy Best Cottages

Two Nights?

After settling and realising how nice the rooms were we planned to offer him the same price for a second night. Allowing us time to leave our luggage as we ventured to Durban the following day.


He approved and two nights were booked.

The Rooms

The rooms were lovely in size and perfect for what we wanted.

With a shower and large bathroom we were in heaven compared to our previous night in what friends had described as a shed.


One thing we were appreciative to was the Internet, so we could communicate with family and friends and let them know we were safe and sound.

As you would expect with most hotels/bed and breakfasts, it comes and goes but was acceptable enough for us to check the maps etc for tomorrows drive.

Our Experience

Overall it was quite an exciting experience mainly because it was so different to our previous night.

Yes the price was rather costly compared but we were glad to have a comfy bed and friendly people around us as we planned tomorrows trip to Durban.

Biggy Best Cottages

Biggy Best Cottages


The breakfast was a full english with a choice of how you wanted the eggs.

We had the same both morning, but the way they mentioned it was as if there are different options on separate occasions.

Either way it was a fantastic start to the morning.


I believe both Ryan and myself would agree that Biggy Best Cottages is a fantastic place to stay.

Offering all the facilities we required, we great staff and a friendly atmosphere.

So if you are passing, give it a go.

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