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Why Work With Us?

The Braai Brothers, are not just pretty faces who love to travel.

Born in the Information Age, with Digital Marketing being a large part in modern day society, we have learnt to constantly keep on our toes and develop strategies to best suit these requirements.

From Social Media Implementation to Video Creation, we invigorate success.

Specialists in travel, we are not limited to this topic catering from all aspects of life.

We not only create strategies… We dominate them!

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What We Can Offer…

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  • Social Media
  • Web Design
  • Content Writing
  • Logo Creation
  • Advertising
  • Link Building

Working remotely allows us access to multiple resources along the way.

The same applies to our skill set. With qualifications in Marketing and Computing, we strive ourselves as Digital Marketers in the Growth Hacking era.

This doesn’t leave us as millennials with lack of vision.

Hover over the board to your left to see some of our skills we have to offer, but are not limited to.

Steroids For Social Media

With a creative background, we are able to offer fully implemented solutions for all types of requirements.

Whether you are after designs for your social media pages, strategies, or for us to fully take over your Social Media Pages, we are happy to help.

Offering solutions that have gained millions of Follows/Likes we have something to suit everyone.

From none ad solutions to gain followers, and likes to fully integrated Paid Marketing Ad Campaigns we have the ability to draw up a timeline suitable for your business.

Developing content suitable solely for your business and your customers.

Work With Us

Content Writing

Work With Us

The proof is in the pudding when it comes to content writing. Many often feel it is easy to write about a topic of choice, but when you put that into perspective with keywords, proof reading etc it becomes more tedious.

With experience in various fields of writing for various mediums we offer a professional service at a fraction of the cost boosting your ROI.

Whether you are looking for SEO rich content on a particular subject, or a fully researched educational piece we have something to offer you.

Previous work includes, Social Science, Financial, Marketing, Travel, English Literature and much more.

We are happy to provide samples.

Advertise With Us

With various sites providing hundreds of hits daily, we have the opportunity for advertisement placement.

Set up to suit your requirements no task is too big.

We allow links in all posts, as well as the potential for banners and much more.

Landing pages can also be developed to suit your needs if you wish for a much more eye catching experience.

If you are looking for contributions on our social pages to link to your site we can also develop a strategy that suits.

If you wish to advertise on one of our sites please do get in contact.

Work With Us

Video Creation/Editorial

New to the equation is our Video Editorial/Creation Service.

With previous experience in Photography, and a keen eye to the video reel world we have the ability to capture special moments and create ultimate demos/trailers and much more.

Owners of Drone Equipment allows us to capture full aerial footage in 4k.

Our software is fully expansive offering all solutions in a number of formats.

Whether you are after a truly unique memory or much more just get in contact now.

Media Design/Development

To view more of the services we have available, please click on the tabs below for more information:

Initially freelance Web Developers our skill set has continued to expand, however with a great understanding for the need for creativity and functionality Braai Brothers can offer something to suit all requirements.

Our actual Background is a company called Xploited Media who develop SEO based websites for all requirements.

With knowledge in Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator, and much more there is not any area we have not touched in.

Whether you are after a simplistic design for mass marketing or a fully developed animated theme we have the skill set to offer such a service at a low price.

Not happy with the design? We will happily continue to recreate until you are.

Like our logo design skill set we can create banners for all requirements.

Whether you want an information rich banner or something eye catching for a Social Media set up we have something for all your requirements.

All banners are created in high resolutions, and can be optimised to suit Googles Requirements. Just ask!

Alongside our Web Design skill set we have the ability to develop and tweak all setups to suit Google’s Algorithm.

Many marketers often leave other Search Engines alone, however we incorporate these into the requirements of your business model, and can help boost those sales where many often forget to look.

Combined with our social media packages we would love to see your website booming.

Contact Us For More:

If any of the above information is of interest to you, or you would like to find out more about our skill sets.

We would love to hear from you.

Proud bloggers, we are not limited to the areas above, and also would love to hear from contributors who would like to join our network and write for us.