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On The Road

Our journey took us far and wide across Southern Africa, seeing more of the country than many locals have seen in their entire lives living in South Africa.

The journey itself was truly an adventure and as you know full well the entertainment we had along the way.

One thing that will always stick is the roads we experienced.

Wow Moments On The Road

Wow Moments On The Road

What We Experienced

We drove on sand roads with no lights, man highways with strict speed limits, straight roads that went on for miles and not a car in sight… Yet only a few aspects stuck.

Speed Traps

Speed Traps are a large thing here in South Africa now days due to a chance to make money.

Naturally you get the usual Speed Cameras (although here they are camouflaged), but the real deal is the Traffic Cops sitting behind a tree calling you over when you get caught by their lasers.

So this alone is something to be careful of. Naturally you should not speed anyway…

Wow Moments On The Road

Wow Moments On The Road

Nut Jobs

The speed at which people drive here is insane. A 40kph limit results in people flying by at 100! I guess locals are full aware of where people hide and any standalone cameras that they can just adjust when they need.

That being said I do not understand why everyone is in a hurry.

Wow Moments On The Road

Wow Moments On The Road


For me the biggest highlight was on the way to Durban. There were roadworks ahead and therefore we were as a standstill.

People were reversing up slip lanes to get off the Highway and people turning round on a dual carriageway.

The best however was the Opel Corsa who drove up the grass bank to get off the Highway and find a road.

You can’t make that stuff up!


For us driving on the Highway was part of the fun, yes the roads were long and tiresome but keeping your eyes open at all times watching others was part of the fun!

Here is to our next Adventure. Jeffreys Bay here we come!

Wow Moments On The Road

Wow Moments On The Road

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